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Our roster includes many instructors that have recorded on numerous multi-platinum records and sold out world tours. Now is your chance to have private lessons with them one-on-one in your living room. All of our products are produced digitally to take full advantage of the current inherent benefits of DVD navigation and features.

Learn how to play your favorite instrument today:
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Patrick McCormick: Learning Guitar Step 1
If you are a beginning guitarist looking to learn to play along with your favorite songs in a few short lessons, then Learning Guitar Step 1 is for you! Patrick presents an easy and educational step by step method for you to learn to play the guitar! Begin with the very basics of guitar playing like tuning the guitar, hand positions and holding the pick. You will then progress into detailed lessons explaining the entire fretboard, Major, Minor and 7th Chords, Scales,Rock and Blues progressions.

Chris Traylor: Beginning Drums
Chris illustrates in detail several drum beats to help you play alone or play with a full band! Learn Rock Beats, Blues Beats, Enhanced Fills, Triplet Patterns, Cymbal Techniques, Shuffle Patterns and more.

Greg Douglass is a versatile multi-platinum artist who has toured and recorded with Steve Miller, Van Morrison, Greg Kihn, Eddie Money and others.With over 100 minutes of instruction, numerous chapter marks for easy navigation and a fully interactive lesson library: Greg Douglass Lead Guitar is an entertaining and educational tool for today's guitar player.

Charles Sedlak: Learning Acoustic Guitar
International recording and touring artist, Charles Sedlak will teach you the fundamental chords, strumming techniques, arpeggios and progressions to gain a solid foundation of playing acoustic guitar

Tony Saunders : Beginning Bass
Tony Saunders has performed and recorded with countless well-known artists including: Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and many more! In Beginning Bass, Tony gives 4 and 5 string beginning players an up close detailed course in the fundamentals of beginning bass playing.

RUDY SARZO: Rock Bass Essentials
World-renowned bassist Rudy Sarzo has been treating audiences for decades to his unique style of playing with such multi-platinum recording groups as Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot,Whitesnake, Yngwie Malmsteen and Dio. In this informative and entertaining video, Rudy explains in detail his approach to recording, live performing, constructing your own original bass lines and developing your improvisational skills.

Pete Sears : Learning Piano
Pete has played Keyboards, Bass Guitar, or both with a large variety of artists including playing piano on the classic Rod Stewart albums, "Gasoline Alley", "Every Picture Tells a Story", "Never a Dull Moment" and "Smiler", as well as the singles "Reason To Believe" and "Maggie May". Pete also played both Bass and Keyboards as a member of Jefferson Starship from 1974 to 1987.

Greg Douglass: Fingerstyle Guitar
with over 100 minutes of instruction, Greg (also featured in our Lead Guitar DVD) provides step-by-step lessons Fingering Techniques, Thumb Techniques, Travis Picking Techniques, and many custom songs.

Alan Schechner: Drums - Coordination & Groove
With Coordination & Groove, Alan reveals his unique "before-and-after" system—known as "Transformations"—that will change the way you think about playing drums. Learn, step-by-step, how to create and play grooves and melodies simultaneously. You will be able to apply "Transformations" to all styles of music and any time signature.

Tommy Bolan : Metal Primer
Tommy Bolan (N.Y.C , Warlock) demonstrates licks and tricks to get your fingers shredding across your fretboard now ! Learn the step by step patterns and details to many of Tommy's favorite techniques and complete breakdowns of Tommy’s live and in-studio gear.

Charles Sedlak : Flamenco Made Easy
Also featured in our acoustic guitar and blues DVD, Charles will give you very detailed and entertaining lessons to get you started playing Flamenco guitar today! Charles will teach you proper form, technique and strumming patterns to master the lessons in this DVD and inspire you to create your own exciting Flamenco compositions.

Charles Sedlak: Beginners Blues
Charles will guide you through a comprehensive step by step introduction to playing Blues Guitar. Learn the techniques made famous by blues greats such as: B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy and many others!

Bob Kulick - Brett Chassen: Pro Tools - Behind The Controls
Grammy Award winning producer and multi-platinum recording artist Bob Kulick (KISS, Meatloaf)and ace engineer producer Brett Chassen will unlock the PRO TOOLS mystery as they guide you through a real recording session in a fun and creative manner. Learn Setting Up a Session, Editing, Comping, Mixing, Recording, Automation, and much more!

ERIC SINGER OF KISS: All Access To Drumming
For the past two decades, Eric Singer has remained at the top of the list for ”First Call” Rock drummers. In “All Access To Drumming,” Eric shares his experience, techniques and many other aspects that are essential to survive as a professional drummer in today’s world. From his dad’s society band to Lita Ford, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, Badlands, Alice Cooper, Brian May and KISS, Eric has mastered the playing techniques and tricks to persevere in the real world of Rock drumming.

Eddie Ojeda: Twisted Method
Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie "fingers" Ojeda gives Twisted fans throughout the world up close and personal lessons into his rockin' riffs and blazing solos! Now is your chance to learn rock anthems such as "I Wanna' Rock" and "Were Not Gonna Take It" as well as twisted classics "The Price" and "The Fire Still Burns". Eddie also gives tips and candid conversation about his gear, influences and "Twisted" beginnings.

Now is your chance to learn your favorite KISS classics note for note. Bob Kulick's contributions to KISS include KISS Alive II, KISS Killers and Paul Stanley's solo album and tour as well as various KISS songwriting credits. Bruce was the lead guitarist for KISS from 1984-1996 and has recorded and written songs with the band as well as toured the world. His work has appeared on many Platinum and Gold KISS classics such as Crazy Nights, Hot In The Shade and Revenge.

Tom Bekney: Beginning Mandolin
Tom Illustrates the proper fundamentals and many essential techniques and patterns for any aspiring Mandolin player. Learn Tuning, Hand Placement, Pick Techniques, Scales, Syncopation, Double Stops, Chords, Tremolo and more.

Avram Siegel: Beginning Banjo
Avram provides detailed step by step instructions to start your journey into playing the 5-string Banjo. Avram covers all the fundamentals of proper form as well as numerous techniques used by many of the world's famous Bluegrass Banjo players. You will also learn many classic bluegrass banjo songs.

Randy Van Patten : Extreme Drum Set Techniques
A DVD with the tools you need to take your drumming to the next level! Learn the basics and way beyond. Randy’s revolutionary way of applying techniques to the drum set guarantees results. Jam-packed with extremely cool techniques, grooves and tips for even the most advanced drummers.