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Features include: Web-based administration, UPS or fixed-rate shipping, Spreadsheet/Database import of store catalog, PGP/GnuPG ready, Feature-Packed online Store Manager, and much more!
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The page you are currently viewing is called index.html and resides in the /html sub directory. You should ONLY be viewing this page by accessing agora.cgi, NOT by linking directly to this page. By default, AgoraCart loads this page as the homepage.

Download the source and view the source code for this page (Don't just view the source code through the web browser or this part won't make sense). Notice the code for the category links above and to the left. For example, agora.cgi?product=java&cart_id=5902017.26438*yd8lA5 displays all of the products from the database that are in the java category. The 'cart id=' tells the script to add in the numeric cart id when the page is parsed through the script. In other words, the cart id IS NOT hardcoded into the source code of the page, but is added dynamically to the page when it is displayed. This makes the script more accessible to users that do not accept cookies.

Linking to Your Store

linking to your store is fairly easy and you can link from jsut about anywhere. Here are the most common way to link to your store:

Link to a category:
This will show all the products in the java category. to limit this to java and java only add this to the end of the URL: &xm=on

Link to a category with specific page layout:
This will show all the products in the java category using the productPage-4a.inc file which shows products 4 across with minimal information with additional links

Link to a specific product (number is exact database number for product):
This will show a single product with the database number 00125

Link to a specific page (product page):
if you wish to have static pages, design and upload to the html/pages sub directory and use the linking method to access that page directly.

Store Manager

Store Manager can be accessed here. Please note, on similar scripts you need to use this syntax manager.cgi?welcome_screen=yes

If you use only manager.cgi, this script automatically loads the welcome screen!  Error-detection/recovery has also been enhanced.

Bookmark your Store Manager link, and make sure to remove the link displayed above when you re-design this page.

Editing the Look of Your Store

To edit the look of the store, you may download the basic header footer manager at http://www.agoracart.com/download.htm which will edit the store look using this same look. If you wish to edit the look yourself, you must manually edit the store_header.inc, store_footer.inc, secure_store_header.inc, and secure_store_footer.inc files found in the html/html-templates sub directory of your store, as well as edit the index.html file found in the html sub directory of your store. An options editor to add simple options to your database products is also available at http://www.agoracart.com/download.htm

IMPORTANT - Please Note:

AgoraCart is based on Selena Sol's 'Web Store' program, available at Extropia.com, as well as the Commerce.cgi program from Carey Internet Services.  The software has split off from the commerce.cgi source tree (2.0beta1) and begun adding significant enhancements suggested by users as well as many found as "cool hacks" available for the 'Web Store' program.   The AgoraCart, AgoraCartPro, AgoracgiPro, Agora.cgi, Agora, and Agoracgi names and software package are copyright 1999-2003 K-Factor Technologies, Inc. at AgoraCart.com.

This is AgoraCart 4.0K-4b Standard and is distributed according to the GNU General Public License Version 2. Basically, you use this software at your own risk. It is offered without support or warranty of any kind. Click here to view the license.

Agora.cgi is open source freeware and is distributed without support.   AgoraCart.com does maintain a Pro Member Area and Mailing List, it is only a $59.95 for Lifetime or $29.95 per year. We rely heavily on the AgoraCart/Agora.cgi community to support itself. If you find this product useful to you, we hope that you will subscribe to the the list and perhaps even help someone else on the Mailing List. Thanks!