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Beginning Banjo |Beginning Mandolin

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Beginning Banjo:
Learn Bluegrass Banjo today! Avram Siegel provides detailed step by step instructions to start your journey into playing the 5-string Banjo. Avram covers all the fundamentals of proper form as well as numerous techniques used by many of the world's famous Bluegrass Banjo players. Tuning, Scales, Chords
Patterns, Slides, Forward Rolls, Backwards Rolls, Hammer On's, Pull Off's, Tag Licks


Beginning Mandolin:
Learn Bluegrass Mandolin! The proper fundamentals are explained in easy to follow step by step details by instructor Tom Bekeny. Tom Illustrates many essential techniques and patterns for any aspiring Mandolin player. Tuning, Hand Placement, Pick Techniques, Scales, Syncopation, Double Stops, Chords, Tremolo